Recipes for a beautiful life

Hey Anastasia  here!

If you imagine your life like a big kitchen where you create beautiful dishes and extraordinary tastes then for sure you need to be a good chef. In reality to create a marvellous table full of colors, tastes and smells you must be The ChefIf you are The Chef  then everybody knows that you are the King in your Kitchen. You are the one who knows  best all the  indergridients, the colors and the flavours so you mix everything and Voila!! You create Heaven on Earth!

The same happens with our lives! Are you a good Chef? Are you The Chef?   Do you mix  the indergridients of your life well or  life has a bitter taste ? bitter sour maybe…Could be too sweet or very salty…..  that’s ok! Are you happy with that? satisfied?? Perfect…but if not , then you need The Recipes!  You can always have some recipes and be ok with it .That will lead to food being mediocre  but what if you had the  full Recipes! Is up to you . You own the Kitchen and you  decide the kind of food you want to eat. YOU always decide how much you love yourself and how you want to treat your life.

Have you ever thought that you are stuck to your old GrandMa’s recipes which means that your life will go on more or less the same? I’m sure many of you havent put  much thought to this. You think you have free will and you decide for your life. WRONG! To be able to decide for your life with your own will You need another status. You need to be The Chef! The King in your kitchen. I’m sorry to be the  bearer  of bad news but the worst thing is not that you are not The Chef. it is that You think you are. So the first step is for you to understand your situation. Take your head out of the sand and face reality. Look at the eyes ,the fears ,the memories , and the bad feelings of  your  old Recipes!  Now the second step is to dig up !  And here we are!! I hear you.. i hear you saying a bunch of excuses but i know. I know that on the inside You know the truth . And maybe now you don’t like me too much but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you need The Recipes!!  You need to take the  journey and it will be the most beautiful thing you have ever done with your life .I dare you to be the Kings and Queens of  your Kitchen .

P.S Coming up ….  The Recipes!!

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