How to change your status

So you decide that you want to change the status of your life and you don’t know how.

Good!! you are on track!!

I am  going to give you some tips how you can start changing everything in your life . If you are not satisfied with what you have , move !! you are not a tree! Stop trembling in your self and start a new journey. A beautiful journey full of everything you want.

Let’s start!

Weak up early so you can start the day with your own terms . When you are always wake up just to make it to work the day starts in terms that you cannot control .

How you control the terms of your day?

Meditate or visualize  either way has tremendous impact in your routine. 

You can meditate in so many ways. Silent meditation is the one most known.  Just close your eyes and be in contact with your inner self (or God) . Don’t “try” anything. Just let it happen. Breath in, Breath out. You lost it? start again. Breath in , breath out. Concentrate  to your breath. Don’t pay attention to anything else internal or external.                                 or

Visualize your goals. Write them down and start visualize  each one. How your life will change when you achieve your goals. How are you going to feel. How to Everything you keep in your mind , everything you can “see” before you actually can see it, it has no choice than to manifest in your reality.

Eat well, eat healthy, believe it or not it make a huge different in your life. For example, it is known that when you eat sugar you have what we call “fog in the mind”. You can not concentrate and feel overwhelmed. This of course is one of the many negative aspects of sugar.Α healthier diet will help you concentrate more on your goals. Eating more healthy is a way to say to yourself that you take care of him and you love him. In return yourself will give the best out of it. 

Invest to yourself. You can become whatever  you want. For this to happen is the need to change your self.  To become somebody else. The one you Want to be. But this mean that You have to do things different. Make a commitment to yourself: 

Read at least 1 book that inspires you every week 

Learn from your experience . Whatever happened to your life is a gift. Use it!!! Learn. Make it be something you can use to serve others .

Learn from others experience . What problems are they facing? How they react? Could it be better?? Think, observe .

Self knowledge: As Socrates said self-knowledge is everything. Know who you are. what you want ,why you want it. Is your own will or someone  else’s idea? Know your limits. Know your emotions. Know your why, how , when with whom , for what reason. Know and examine everything concern yourself .  Then you are ready to change the world around you. Master your self. Observe. Be quiet. Make questions. Not to others. To yourself. The answers are only for you. Use them.

Last but not least maybe the most important thing. Be carefull  and be aware of the thoughts you keep in your mind and your internal dialogue. Maybe you have heard about positive thinking. Is way more big than positive thinking or repeating affirmations. Is the dialogue you repeating within you The stories  you say to yourself about you . We tend to believe these stories. And what we believe is what we live. So if you live a life you don’t like , check your believes.  

You are now on the road . Start and will reveal a new world for you .

if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me .Contact .Is the beginning. ♥♥

strategies  for divine life and entrepreneurship 

by Anastasia Mouzina

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  1. It was when I got older that I managed to understand meditation, without some confusing myths about the concept that one hears in pop culture. Today I often meditate in order to take the authority and establish a ‘break’, a ‘time out’ of the demands in my internal and external lives.


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