Breaking Free!

Hi beautiful souls!!!

I use to thing that everybody wants to be free. Because I was! As my life is going on and through my coaching business i fully understand now that freedom is something that make most  people feel fear.

Because freedom means I take the responsibility of my life and i cannot blame anybody about anything. Freedom means if my relations are bad is not the fault of my mother and father. If i am broke is not the fault of the government , of God or the weather. If i live in pain and regrets everyday , if drama is my main role in this theatre then who has the fault?

I was wondering many times in my life why people don’t answer to my call for a life of freedom. It took sometime for me to get it. Aldo freedom looks so beautiful , it takes some effort to be free. You need to stop thinking inside or outside the box. You must think like there is NO box. Otherwise you feel pain. People they don’t understand you , you don’t have much to share with others , you feel lonely , you feel that you are different.. But this is the ego. Dont let the ego destroy you. Dont let the fear poisson your life.

Freedom has a price. The price is awareness. is TO BE different. if you are like everybody else then you live like everybody else. If that is ok with you and you really like your life then perfect! But if not , and you always think that there is something more in life, then im telling you!! THERE IS!!!  A whole bunch of a world is outside there. If you want to live, to explore to see other people , other culture, other mentality , you have to make a decision!! BREAK FREE!

Breaking free can mean a lot of things. Can mean that I finally understand that the relation i have it doesn’t serve my own good anymore and so i walk out of it. Is a decision!   Is a decision to admit that i am totally unhappy at the job i do everyday and so i quit! is a decision to follow my passion! is a decision to be wealthy , to be rich, to be  aligned with my inner will and dreams. Dont quit of your freedom!Because if you do,then somebody else will take advantage of that and when im not free then certainly im a slave.

So think ! What kind of slave you are? To whom you sell your time , your dreams , your body , your thoughts? where you bear you passion? Your happiness?

We live in a world of slavery. Modern slavery. The most sneaky. The one that you feel you are not a slave but you are! and the funny thing? They don’t even force you. You do it willingly , with the handful of “security” , a house a car , and the idea that you own your life.

How many of you , really are happy? You have time to spend with the people you love , to do things you like, to be in peace inside you without struggling all the time? How many of you follow your own rules?? How many of you have the love you want, the money you wish , the  fun you forgot??

YOU are all beautiful! you are all charismatic !! you are all unique! You are all special!  But as Heraclitus said “humanity sleeps and think they are awake” .

There are many areas of your life that need to be cured. Start from the most important for you. The one most difficult area for you. Realize the truth. Awake. Break Free!!!

Then you take step  two. One step at the time . Freedom is sweet!

To all of you with love .♥♥

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By Anastasia 



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