Trading time for money? Is not healthy!

Well society is like that! There are two types of people. Those that they understand the maths and the others that they are not awake about the maths!!  The first type has the lifestyle that all the rest only dream of.

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And the maths are simple. Either you trading your time for dollars , either you enjoy your time because you have other people trading their time for money, working for you. The evolution of internet changed the game and gave the opportunity to those they can see the possibility to change their lives and be totally free . And they are the 3d type of people. The ethical businessman. the good-hearted and well understanding the game .

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They don’t exchange time for money and they don’t take advantage of other people. On the contrary they create opportunity for other people to be wealthy and happy too. They understand that we are ONE. And if we are wealthy we have to give the possibility to them who can see the picture , to be wealthy too. Believe me the revenue is not only money. Is the fulfillment that you contribute to others happiness and wellbeing. Is so strong !!

I was one of those who worked 9-5 , in some cases even more ,trading my time here in earth with cash. But guess what. Money they were never enough , I was struggling and most of all i lost all the beautiful moments i could have with my loved ones , because i had to go to work . I spent the precious time i was given , and unfortunately it will never come back. I end up being very unhappy and of course the body always say the trough. so i was depressed , exhausted , unfulfilled , trapped in a rat cycle and im telling you from my heart.. i didn’t want to go on . I had three kids to raise up and i was a single mother.

I couldn’t see the maths. Like many of you, I wanted to learn about money so I could create total freedom in my life. Freedom to do the things I love like travel, spend time with my family, or simply enjoy the lifestyle that came with it. Freedom from working a job I didn’t like and freedom from money worries. My goal was total freedom in every sense of the word.
But it wasn’t easy. There were many grueling and frustrating years of banging my head against the wall, trying to learn “what works”in an online business and figuring out what went wrong. Yet when I finally cracked the code I went from an income of only $700 per month to an income of well over six figures in just 90 days. and after that I was at the 3d type of people. Now i help others to achieve the same and live their lives they way that they decide. Here’s how you can do it too .

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The simple truth is that making money online is not complicated. The internet is the great equalizer, anyone can make money online regardless of age, education, income or sex. All you need is the right process to follow, and if you follow the process the results are guaranteed.

Ever wondered why a McDonald Franchise is worth so much?Because you’re using the power of leverage. You get the leverage of using their billion dollar brand, their advertising campaigns, their products and their funnels that sell.

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– High profit margins
– No inventory
– No employees
– No shipping
– No insurance
– No liabilities

αρχείο λήψης (2)

1. Traffic
2. Funnel
3. Filter
4. Follow-up
5. Tiered Products

So you have everything!  I found all this freedom and easy-going business here laptoplifestyle . Learn about passive income.



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