About me

Hi and welcome!!

Since I was a kid I was a motivator. I always have and always will be. At first, I motivated myself to get out of the difficult life I had. And I was doing every day better and better. Then I realize that I’m a good motivator for others. So, I decided to live breath and act like a motivator. I dedicate my life and skills to every one of you who wants an extraordinary life. I want to help people transform their lives and bring Heaven on Earth. I believe that We Can live the lives that we dream. We are Creators. I understood through the difficulties that nothing and nobody can stop us having everything we want, except …. ourselves. We are our enemies. So, I studied a lot about human behavior and how to change it, the mind, the soul, and the beliefs. My field is psychology, Nlp, life strategies, Timeline therapy, Hypnosis, Kundalini Yoga, alternative therapies, quantum physic and the last years the internet and how can change lives.

So out of a combination, I discover a life of freedom and financial abundance that I couldn’t imagine. I would like to guide you on this path. How to be free of worries , have time to do things that you like , live in any place you want , travel ,  have financial abundance and even how to put your mind to be your servant and finally live the life you want and become the beautiful creature you  meant to be , I’m here to help . Help you awaken and find out the mistakes you do and you don’t even know. We don’t understand our own Mind! THE MIND is a very puzzling thing. It can make you a King or totally destroy you.

What I offer is a freedom lifestyle using your passion and your skills to create an extraordinary life. If you are like me and something inside you tells you that you can have everything you dreamed off then….here I am at your services. To walk on your side to the path I’ve already walked.

I Have a vision. A world full of love, compassion, abundance, and meaning. My heart is beating faster when I think of people being happy and Earth being a beautiful place to live in.  I do what I do because I am a dreamer. I dream that each and every one of us can understand the potential he has inside. I Know and I have lived the transformation.

I love every human being and my clear path is to be the facilitator, the friend, the coach, the guidance you need to uplift yourself in every aspect. Health, Wealth, Success.



Just to know a bit more for me, I originally am from Greece and later moved to Florida. It was my dream to come and live here. And finally, I was able to do it. I moved with my three boys and my husband and we started a new life.

I was able to do that and escape from the financial crisis in Greece thanks to the system I follow and I can have everything I dreamed of. I love to travel, to read, to do yoga (i am a teacher), to swim, to have fun with friends and family outdoor, to attend new seminars and workshops so, I can always be better,  and finally I enjoy to help others do what I do  so we make the world a better place .


I have three kids, all boys and with my husband a total of four. I am blessed to have this beautiful family and we go through the adventure of life altogether with love and happiness! When I told them that I have the dream to move in the USA in a place like a paradise they all supported me and follow me at the other side of the world. We started from zero in our new life but we met beautiful souls everywhere and we made marvelous friendships. Personally, I found so much love in my new home and so many opportunities to grow even more.

My heart and my vision are to be able to help everybody is interested to understand the miracles and the magic of life, instead to feel sorry for themselves.


If you feel You are the person who seeks Health, Wealth, Success, Love, Miracles and Magic then Work with me

Thank you for being here! I appreciate your interest in being a better You. If you have questions and anything else you need to know please don’t hesitate to Contact me.

Thank you

Love and blesses to all of you beautiful souls !!!