About me

I’m a motivator ! always have and always will be .At fist i motivated myself . Then i found out that I’m a good motivator for others. So i decided to live breath and act like a motivator. Currently i’m a Kundalini yoga instructor , Nlp practitioner  ,Hypnotherapist and Time line Therapist .  I studied to Kryon Academy and i’ m also an Usui Reiki Master . I dedicate my life and skills to every one of you who wants  an extraordinary life . I want to help people transform their lives and bring Heaven on Earth.I believe that We Can live the lives that we dream. What we have to be careful about is our dreams and thoughts  . How we talk to others and to ourselves .What we ask. What We Dare!! so for each one who has the inner call to become the beautiful creature he is ment to be , i’m here to help . Help you be awaken and find out the mistakes you dio and you dont even know. We don’t understand our own Mind! THE MIND is a very puzzling thing. It can make you a King or totally destroy you.

So here I am at your services. To walk on your side to the path i ‘ve already walked.  I am not an Avatar . I am not a Saint or a guru but i am an Avatar a Guru and  a Saint when it comes to the path i have already walked. For all the rest  … I am still walking..I can be your help in your paths.  I can even help you understand what your path is .. I can make you understand why you don’t have the right relationship , the right job , why you don’t live at your dream house ,why  you are sad , jelus ,unfulfilled, broke , fat , etc… I can train you to dare !

Thank you for being here

Anastasia Mouzina ♥