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Goddess in Business: The Secret to Manifesting the Feminine in Business

Despite the many challenges women in business suffer, there has never been a more opportune time for women to fully immerse themselves in the business world.

Many women feel anxious about making the first steps into the world of business.

This is mainly because of cultural, religious, and social constraints that have been created to keep womenfolk dependent on patriarchal systems.

If you search the internet, it is common to see many articles on the challenges that businesswomen suffer.

Let’s shine a light on how a woman can utilize her inner capabilities to conquer the corporate world.

By harnessing our inner feminine power, we will be able to transition smoothly into the entrepreneurial roles that we desire.

It will also help us identify and utilize the different opportunities that come our way.

The time has come for women to rise above misleading notions that cast doubt on their abilities. Carpe Diem!

As I have constantly stated, the purpose of the feminine is to enable a woman to manifest all her desires, including business interests.

The inner goddess power found within all women helps them to cultivate a sense of self-confidence internally and externally.

This is critical as most corporate cultures across the globe work against women.

To remedy this, women entrepreneurs must strive to create business environments that empower women to ensure that they apply themselves fully to the tasks at hand.

The business world, like most fields, is male-dominated.

Our leadership experiences are mostly male-dominated.

As a result, women have internalized masculine ways of conducting business in their respective fields.

The masculine model of leadership is anchored on an unequal command structure, which perpetuates the notion that women are subordinate to men.

This state of matter has caused women to consciously and subconsciously resist taking control of their lives.

Women continue to unconsciously give away their power to conform to societal expectations.

Fortunately, many women have been trying to change social perceptions about their ability to run things.

Women entrepreneurs need to tap into their inner goddess power to hone and utilize their strengths.

A woman’s strength is anchored on her dedication, conviction, and intent.

All this is based on her innate belief in her purpose and desire to fulfill that purpose.

A woman’s conviction is always subject to external influence.

However, as a woman invokes her inner goddess power, this strength is rarely vulnerable to external factors.

There are several traits that women entrepreneurs must endeavor to cultivate within themselves.

Luckily, these strengths are always present; a woman only needs to invoke them by creating communion with the divine feminine.

The feminine stands for change. It is not fearful of change and progress. A woman who is looking to venture into business must not be afraid of change.

The inability to change in the business world may be futile to your business endeavor.

The lack of courage to change when required is counterproductive as it curtails you from taking full advantage of the opportunities that arise.

The feminine is the symbol and acme of courage, strength, and change.

A woman who is in touch with the feminine understands that nothing stays the same forever.

This is why she embraces change wholeheartedly intending to learn and benefit from the same.

This woman understands that resisting change has never been beneficial to any person.

A woman’s innate nature to welcome and accept change is one of her biggest assets.

It is what keeps her business relevant and dynamic even during periods of economic meltdowns.

Women who are in touch with the divine feminine are known to possess high emotional intelligence.

Over the past few years, leadership experts have hailed emotional intelligence as one of the most important skill sets in business and leadership.

Generally, women surpass men in emotional intelligence.

This ability enables you to interpret and understand your emotions and those of the people you are dealing with.

This information helps, an entrepreneur, for example, to regulate her behavior and actions to win favor.

Emotional intelligence also helps women to appreciate and utilize their feelings in performing certain tasks.

For example, this skill may be extremely useful during negotiations or conflict resolution forums.

Women who find the courage to pursue their business interests play a critical role in paving the way for fellow women.

For example, as an entrepreneur, when you establish your firm, you can create a company culture that appreciates and empowers women.

The truth of the matter is that women possess a tremendous amount of power.

Unfortunately, women do not recognize and appreciate this fact.

It is only by acknowledging this that women will be able to execute the changes they want in society.

As women, we possess the essential sustaining powers of the divine feminine.

These powers include the power to nurture things, including businesses and societies.

The prevailing corporate culture holds feminine abilities in contempt.

By invoking our inner goddess power, we will be able to change many misguided notions about the feminine.

Women need to realize that our feminity is our superpower.

It is the key to freedom and a life of endless possibilities.

We must nurture our inner goddess abilities to conquer the business world and other aspects of life.

Without invoking our inner goddess powers, we cannot be able to free ourselves from the yoke of patriarchy.

Neglecting this important aspect will cause you to feel depressed, fatigued, and resentful towards your endeavors.

To conquer the business world, a woman must invoke her inner goddess powers to provide her with courage, patience, empathy, creativity, and persistence.


If you feel you are meant for more than what you currently have, it is time for you to rise to the occasion and claim what is rightfully yours.

Society needs what you have and together, we can convert your inherent abilities and experiences into a thriving business.

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