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Be Your Higher Version.

Is not a luxury is a right. 



If you are ready to change your life then you are in the right place. Working with me you will find that everything is possible. Not because of me! Because of you!

The only thing that you cannot buy and never will be able to have more and more is time. Stop selling your time for 10$ per hour. Stop serving the purposes of other people. Serve yours. Help yourself and stop abandoning your dreams. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t. If there is no joy when you wake up in the morning then you have to do something. Life is way more than this. working with your unconscious beliefs and understanding your core values is the number one miracle!! Believe when I say that you really don’t understand yourself. Why you do what you do, why you think and act in a certain way, why your life is not the one you really want etc.

How you use your time?? Is a bit different in your life? Time is impossible to stop.

Make decisions.No excuses, no blames. Control your life.

I ll be happy to work with you and help you have an impact on your life and the life of others.


If you want to work with me to achieve your goals for health, money, and success join me.

Anastasia Mouzina ♥♥♥♥ Life Strategies Coach to be Healthy, Wealthy & Succesful.

Live in Light ♥♥♥♥