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Anastasia is the founder of The Goddess World & she is here to help you conquer your greatest desires & be the Master of your life using time-tested programs, her own proven principles derived from 20 years in the field of coaching and empowering people to find their own voices and create their own paths, as well as her deep knowledge on Metaphysics.

Anastasia has put together a set of programs and courses that have helped transform the lives of hundreds of wonderful people.

Using the practices of Universal Laws, Neuroscience, NLP, Hypnosis, TIMELINE Therapy, Energy healing, Emotional Intelligence, shadow therapy, CBT, Kundalini  Yoga, Business & Life Coaching  & more, she has Mastered the strategies & tools you need to Be Your own Master & create what your Soul desire.

YOU, THE MASTER in every area of your life is the most powerful work you will do for yourself.


WE live in the era of Mastering what we know. Knowledge is not enough. The Science Of Being the Master has led thousands to their own freedom and richness.

Whether you’re just starting out your business, or you have your empire set up, I’m here to guide you to the next level of life because as we say ” next level, next devil”  There is always the next level of life & next level habits.  More freedom maybe, less anxiety, authentic living, speaking up, setting boundaries, or simply conquering your mind & emotions to set up the stage & rewrite the story. 

Identity shifting is required for the next level of your game. 

If you’re ready to level up in your life and business  Let’s chat.

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You, The Master

Anastasia is the Founder of the C A T Method On Self Mastery so that you can be YOU, THE MASTER.

Her unique methodology considers every aspect of the Human being and Human behavior. 

She is working on three aspects of Self Mastery, which are the foundation of every area of our lives.

√ Emotional Mastery

√ Spiritual Mastery

√ Wealth/Business Mastery

She uses a combination of tools and modalities, including Hypnosis, NLP, Spiritual Mentorship, Consciousness Development, Metaphysics, Business & Life strategies, Embodiment techniques, and many more.

Some of the things she targets are: 


Our Specialties

Coaching & Guiding

Part Coach, part motivational speaker, part therapist, and part friend Anastasia is helping people define and achieve their goals in Life & Business.

She always aims for You to be the Master of Your Life in every area.

Problem Solving-Hypnosis-Time Line Therapy-NLP & more

As a  trained Life & Business Coach NLP & Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, she knows how to help you set the right goals, make more money, and structure your personal and professional life to achieve great results with less effort.

Workshops & Talks

Coaching typically works best with a weekly call, so clients have time to integrate ways of thinking and take action each week toward their goals.

Group Coaching is also tremendously effective with excellent results.

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