L. E. A. D



Unlock your inner potential and embrace personal growth with our bespoke program designed to empower you.

Your Personal transformation with the four steps of My Method L.E.A.D ™  your Life is here to empower you on your personal journey of growth and self-discovery.

This is for you if you

  • feel stuck in relationships
  • alone,
  • cannot see a bright future,
  • don’t speak your mind, are a people-pleaser, or are facing any other situation in your personal Life.

Say goodbye to negativity and embrace the divine presence within you. Unleash abundance and prosperity through our customized solution. We believe that every woman has the power to shape her own future. Experience the magic of LEAD your Life today.


This program is designed for you if you are :

Starting a new business and needing clarity

Have an idea on how to expand your business but need help implementing it.

Spinning your wheels because you don’t have a clear set of priorities

Feel overwhelmed and stressed

Feel busy but don’t accomplish anything to move the needle

You have goals you work on, but it just seems like you cannot reach them

Or you might not know what your goals really are

You may need to develop new skills to bring your business to the next level

Or you feel stuck and don’t know what to do next

You do marketing but don’t see results and more…

In Lead Your Business ™, we provide tools and processes along with the necessary

identity shift to move the needle.


“Done in a Day” or DIAD is a disruptive, game-changing VIP experience that will obliterate your old ineffective habits and usher in a new era of laser-focused execution.

The Harsh Truth

Let’s get real – most people spend more time planning, organizing, and talking about their goals than actually achieving them. They’re stuck in a perpetual cycle of overwhelm, distraction, and self-sabotage.

But you’re not “most people.” You’re a driven go-getter who’s ready to break free from the shackles of procrastination and unleash your full productive power.

The L.E.A.D™ Program Is For You...

The L.E.A.D program is not for everyone. It’s an intensive, life-changing journey designed for those ready to shed their limitations and step into their true power as leaders.

This is for you if:

You’re Tired of Playing Small You know you were meant for greater things, but self-doubt and fear have kept you stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. With L.E.A.D., you’ll demolish those inner roadblocks and unleash your true potential.

You Crave Sovereignty. You’re done living life on someone else’s terms. You want to forge your own path, live by your own rules, and create a reality that aligns with your deepest values and desires.

You’re Ready to Level Up Whether in your personal life, career, or business, you’ve hit a plateau, and you’re hungry for mindset shifts, strategies, and skills that will propel you to new heights of success and fulfillment.

You Seek Profound Transformation You don’t want surface-level change—you’re committed to doing the deep inner work required for lasting transformation. L.E.A.D. will challenge and stretch you and reshape your identity as a leader.

You’re Willing to Be Disruptive. You’re not interested in following the herd or playing by conventional rules. You’re ready to blaze your own trail, challenge the status quo, and leave an indelible mark on the world.

You Believe in Your Potential Deep down, you know you’re capable of greatness. You’re ready to shed the doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that have held you back and finally step into the fullness of your power.

If this resonates with you – if you’re ready to embark on a journey of true leadership and personal mastery – then the L.E.A.D program is your call to adventure.

Get In The Waitlist For The LEAD™CLUB

The LEAD Club is an ultra-boutique mastermind reserved for the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs, change-makers, and industry pioneers.

Ready to shed every limitation and soar as the visionary leader you were born to be? Then buckle up because the LEAD Club is your initiation into a realm of elite coaching and transformational growth.

The High-Caliber Experience

As a LEAD Club member, you’ll gain access to a potent combination of mindset training, success strategy, and collaborative power – all within a curated circle of exceptional peers.

Here’s what awaits you:

Private Coaching Sessions Receive private 1-on-1 coaching from world-class leadership experts and industry titans. Their insight and guidance will help you obliterate roadblocks and reach exponential growth.

Immersive Masterminds
Join intimate, closed-door masterminds hosted in luxurious settings. Immerse yourself in transformative group experiences and forge powerful bonds with fellow elite leaders.

High-Impact Training Through live workshops and on-demand modules, you’ll receive cutting-edge training on topics like high-performance psychology, scaling strategies, disruptive innovation, and communication mastery.

Elite Peer Network You’ll be part of a rare breed – a community of visionaries, innovators, and change catalysts who will inspire you, challenge you, and collaborate with you to reach new heights.

Not For the Faint of Heart

Let’s be clear – the LEAD Club is not for everyone. This is an exclusive, premium-level experience strictly reserved for those who are willing to play an entirely different game.

To keep the group intimate and highly curated, LEAD Club enrollment is extremely limited and acceptance is by application only.

If you’re ready to shed every self-imposed limitation, expand your vision of what’s possible, and cement your legacy as an extraordinary leader, then apply now to claim your spot.

The LEAD Club is designed for the elite 1% who are committed to achieving the impossible. If that’s you, step up.

– Anastasia















"L.E.A.D was the wake-up call I needed to stop living someone else's life and take full ownership of my path. Through this program, I've gained unshakable clarity on my purpose and the tools to start embodying my true power every day."

-Janet L. 

"As an entrepreneur, I knew I had a vision for disrupting my industry, but I lacked the leadership skills and mindset to truly make it happen. L.E.A.D gave me the strategies and inner belief to start leading from the front and driving transformative change."

Eva H.,Startup Founder

"This program didn't just change my life - it completely reshaped how I operate as a human being. I'm more resilient, confident, and intentional in how I lead myself and inspire others. The growth has been exponential."

Marcela J., Executive Coach