Aspiring Feminne Leaders




If in the quiet corners of your being, there’s a dream or a gift — magic only you possess —  if you find yourself standing at life’s crossroads, looking out and knowing, just knowing that there’s more out there for you — more depth, more meaning, more fire.

And if your heart beats for the well-being of humanity, for the health of our planet, for the unity of women, the happiness of children yet to play, and for the legacy that you are meant to leave,

You already know it, don’t you? You’re the powerhouse, the storm, the change, the alchemist of the age. Through you, the world can find its balm, stitch its wounds, and heal its scars. It’s the silent calling for a leader.

Mother, mentor, entrepreneur — whatever your battlefield, you’re a Leader.

Across the globe, Women are stepping up and speaking out. Things are shifting; can you feel it?

It’s time for women to take hold of absolute power: the power to change things, grow wealth, and heal the world.

Now’s your chance. It’s all you.


Hi! I’m Anastasia

Feminine Leadership Mentor, Speaker & Writer

The above is not who I am … I am an Infinite Being. I wrote my Earthy labels, so you know why I speak to you and what I do for the World.

I can tell you more about me now that we have clarified this.

I spent most of my life in Greece, hiding my Spark for years to fit into society. I have been addicted to relationships, which ended up leaving me to raise my three boys alone as a single mother.

I knew things needed to change. I was ready to be free.

I was separated from The Power for many years, but I found my way back through my transformation. I found freedom and fulfillment.

I now embody THE ONE I was meant to be.

I am an innovative, conscious leader, a spiritual Mentor, a Priestess and a powerful guide for women entrepreneurs,mothers,or just WOMEN who desire change, greater pleasure in life, magic in their Business & Life, Mastery, Peace, and Financial freedom.

Every woman can Be THE ONE.

Let me show you how!

Where Your Journey Meets Destiny, Where Your Power Meets Purpose

My mission is to Guide Women on how to be SOVEREIGN.

I have seen many women lose their Spark and live lives they don’t love.

I was one of them.

A Sovereign Woman is a personification of empowerment, autonomy, and self-determination. She is one who navigates her life with an unyielding sense of self-governance and personal agency. Embracing her power, she makes decisions grounded in her values and beliefs, uninhibited by societal expectations or external pressures.

The concept of a Sovereign Woman ties seamlessly into the transformative ethos of the Aquarian Age and the significant shift it represents. The Aquarian Age, characterized by the awakening of higher consciousness and the breaking down of old structures, heralds a time where empowerment, community, and spiritual evolution take center stage. In this context, the rise of the Sovereign Woman becomes a pivotal aspect of this global shift.

Maybe you are financially free, BUT are you Happy? Fulfilled?

Maybe there are other values you are desperately looking for.

Or you are not yet there, making the money you want to so you have a life of freedom. And all your efforts are concentrating there, and you now have a “tunnel vision” where this is the only important thing.

Being SOVEREIGN is to be WHOLE.

Aquarian Age is here o elevate the consciousness ,get us out of suffering and rise.


The old Paradigm quakes, a seismic shift underfoot; you can feel it in your bones,

Now is the time to rise in Mastery of your emotions, strengths and weaknesses, intuition, and Magic.

To build Financial Empires, but not as in the old Paradigm. 

The new world wants you to be wealthy with purpose. Develop a wealth mindset and acquire financial skills to create independence and prosperity for a purpose. 

Living the Legacy of THE ONE means that ONLY YOU can decide and direct your life. Learn the skills to get out of the Victim mentality, stand your ground, and command wealth. 

Make an impact on your family and the world by being You in your Power. 


You only need three steps to BE THE ONE. 

Simple and clear. That’s the TRILOGY TO SUCCESS. 

In the YOU ARE THE ONE, you will:

√   MEET HER – The Awakening

  KNOW HER  – The Power

   EMBODY HER – The Sovereign

We will go deep into each step with powerful tools. Mantras, kriyas,

Metaphysics, Hypnosis, assessments, NLP, Mystical Manifestation,

Mystical Meditation, and more.